Bedroom ideas – 41 designs to decorate and furnish your space stylishly

These smart, sophisticated bedroom ideas will transform your space beyond recognition – we have expert design advice, too

Bedroom ideas
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These are our favorite bedroom ideas – bar none. More than any other space in the home, your bedroom is the one place where you want to feel completely relaxed, comfortable and rested. 

With fewer practical constraints than other areas of the house, once you’ve covered the basics – great clothes storage and a comfortable bed to sleep on – deciding on the décor is the easy part. 

Whether you’re after quick tricks that you can pull off in an afternoon or are in need of main bedroom ideas and inspiration for a complete room revamp, we’ve come up with a host of brilliant bedroom ideas that we think will inspire you.

Bedroom ideas

Whether you're looking for master suite inspiration or the perfect small bedroom ideas for a compact space, these bedroom ideas come with plenty of useful interior design advice so that your bedroom revamp can be as successful as possible. 

We've covered everything from flooring to bedroom lighting ideas and color schemes – and refresh our favourites regularly, so do keep checking back for more.

1. Combine traditional styling with modern comforts

Traditional bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Thibaut)

Is it possible to combine traditional styling with modern-day comforts and convenience? The founder of The French Bedroom Company Georgia Metcalfe believes it is: 'It’s important to enjoy tradition, and experience luxury and comfort at the same time. Traditional styling can work perfectly with modern comforts,' she says. 'The bedroom is often the nucleus of a family home: family cuddles, bedtime stories, Sunday morning chats and for comfort when unwell.' 

And it's especially true at the moment she adds, 'In these modern times, particularly during the recent lockdowns, the bedroom offers modern comforts. Choose high thread count sheets, upholstered headboard ideas to lean on when reading in bed, and deep pile carpet or sheepskin rugs underfoot.'

2. Pick a color scheme that aids rest

A bedroom with green and white patterned wallpaper and red-framed twin beds

(Image credit: Future/Alecia Neo)

As beautiful as you want a bedroom to be, its decor scheme must aid sleep. Bedroom color ideas that are known to be restful tend to be fresh and light, too, so think blue or green bedroom ideas if you want to sleep better, enhance space and light, and create an invigorating feel for the mornings.

However, add contrast and you can still create interest. Accents of red in this green room offer a punchy interruption to a monochromatic scheme, with the red bed frames add a sense of fun, and white acting as a useful conduit throughout the patterns to ensure it doesn’t all become overwhelming.

3. Or play to the coziness of black

A black bedroom with paneled walls, a wooden desk and a white ceiling

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Black bedroom ideas are a daring choice, but this color needn't feel cold. In fact, this chic choice can feel warm and cozy with a few vital elements, as showcased in the room above. 

The first is the one-color scheme – if you put black with black, it can actually feel warmer than if you add white to the scheme. The second is the presence of warm wood in the room, in both the flooring and furniture. This is heightened in this bedroom by the use of mottled warm metallics. At night, of course, a warm lightbulb will ensure the light reflected off the ceiling is warm and welcoming. 

These design tricks work really well with gray, too. 

4. Layer white on white

A white bedroom idea with pale grey headboard and tarnished mirror

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

White bedroom ideas achieve the opposite of black – flooding a room with light, making it feel larger and airier. However, white needn't be as bland as it sounds – in fact, the secret to success is to layer different tones of white – and other pale neutrals – one over the other, as here.  

‘That’s more interesting than just pure white,’ says artist and color expert Annie Sloan. ‘Lots of different whites create a softer look, mixing painted white furniture, white linens and white cottons. You can’t go wrong.’

5. Play with color with a red bedroom scheme

A bedroom color idea with red walls, white ceilings and a yellow velvet stool

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Just as daring as black, red bedroom ideas can change dramatically, depending on the time of day. On a bright morning, they will feel incredibly rich; on cold, dull afternoons or dark evenings, they will feel cozy and cocooning. 

‘Small rooms, even poorly lit, can take more color than you can imagine,’ explains Patrick O’Donnell, Brand Ambassador at Farrow & Ball. ‘These shades are ideal in bedrooms with darker furniture – to make them soften into the walls.'

'Any shade of red will look fabulous with crisp white,' says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors. 'Use it on the ceiling and woodwork, add in white bedlinen, and textured accessories to feel warm and cozy.' A great example of, what colors make a bedroom feel warmer?

6. Decorate with pattern and color

Pretty small scale bedroom ideas showing botanical print wallpaper on bedroom wall with blue upholstered linen headboard and vibrant orange bedside cabinet

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford / Sally Denning)

This pretty and delicate oak leaf botanical print from Common Room is a wonderful example of a small scale wallpaper that feels perfectly suited to a bedroom. 

It has a classic, timeless feel, which when combined with a relaxed denim blue linen upholstered bed and vibrant orange lacquer bedside cabinet makes for a truly unique and fresh look. 

The gentle, pared-back design allows the bold use of colour elsewhere to not overwhelm the room. All the different bedroom color ideas work happily together in harmony. 

The tactile nature of the textile artwork, contemporary applique cushion, linen headboard and woven lampshade all add to the welcoming and cosy feel.

7. Use vibrant accent colors to bring a neutral scheme to life

A pretty bedroom scheme with blue painted four poster bed and pretty pink textiles

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin / Katrin Cargill)

Here, the prettiest of pinks has been introduced into this serene neutrally-decorated guest bedroom with a lightness of touch. From the scalloped crown on the bed, the bolster, quilt, artwork, lampshade and curtains to the pink line detail in the natural woven rug, these pinks all work together to create a coherent feel without overwhelming the room. 

The painted bed adds an elegant structure at the center of the scheme in a vibrant contrast teal blue. And, just as with the pink touches, elements of pattern sit together harmoniously without overpowering.  The eye is invited to dance across the space taking in all these delightful elements. Who wouldn't wish to stay here as a guest for the weekend? 

8. Use a fabric panel as a striking statement wall-hanging

Green bedroom ideas with patterned fabric wallhanging

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford / Sally Denning)

A simple length of fabric can be hung to create a stunning wallhanging, as an alternative to a decorative headboard or bedroom wallpaper ideas used for a feature wall. 

It creates a stunning focal point in the room and is the perfect starting point as inspiration for the color palette, as here with the pinks and greens which continue throughout the rest of the room. 

It also serves to add an extra touch of textile softness, which is always a desirable element in a bedroom space. Simply create a channel at the top and bottom of the fabric length and use wooden batons to create a weight at the bottom and a structure at the top from which to hang the wallhanging. 

Alternatively, a thin metal curtain rod attached to the wall can be used to hang the fabric from at the top. 

9. Bring a touch of nostalgia with country style prints

A pretty country house guest bedroom with floral curtains and traditional eiderdown

(Image credit: Future / Damian Russell / Ali Brown)

This dreamy traditional bedroom idea feels like the most perfect destination for a country house weekend escape. Far from fusty, this a bright and breezy take on a traditional scheme. A modern classic feel. 

From the plump eiderdown atop the bed and the fabulously floral curtains, to the witty wavy lampshades, pop of vibrant coral red and welcoming window seat from which to look out and enjoy the view. 

The colors too feel fresh, light and airy, welcoming you in and inviting to you stay for a night (or two). 

10. Pick pastel shades set the tone for an elegant and delicate mood

Pink Bedroom ideas showing a pretty delicate pastel floral wallpaper behind bed with matching bedside table

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby / Marisa Daly)

For those who love a touch of romance and prettiness, this cottage bedroom is for you. A graceful, almost trellis-like small-scale trailing floral design is an ideal choice for a bedroom. 

The elegant feel is enhanced with the combination of pastel tones. The hues in the delicate wallpaper design are echoed throughout the room, with the blue upholstered headboard and bolster, and in the blue tinted glass lampbase and pinky toned wood of the bedside table. 

All the elements have a lightness of touch and combine to make for a light and airy feel. 

11. Make space for a desk

Hidden desks and small home office ideas

(Image credit: TG Studio)

If you have the room, a desk is a useful – but also practical – indulgence. This one is set within a fitted unit, placed conveniently under a window and surrounded by mirrored fittings to add glamor and to increase the light cast into the niche. 

An upholstered chair is a wonderful choice for a bedroom because it gives you the opportunity to add more texture and pattern – plus, it creates a luxe look.

12. Wallpaper panels

Bedroom with wallpapered panels

(Image credit: de Gournay/Fritz Von Der Schulenburg)

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be pasted across the whole of your wall. Here, a characterful mural has been applied in panels for a window-style effect. 

Design by Stewart Manger Interior Design. Hand-painted Rateau on Deep Rich Gold gilded paper by de Gournay.

13. Paper the ceiling

Bedroom ideas showing a room with wallpaper on the ceiling

(Image credit: Gunter & Co/Mark Bolton Photography)

For those who prefer a more neutral look it’s wise to think about ways of adding details to a space to prevent it from feeling too stark. A textured throw or cushion may be the first ideas that spring to mind, but have you considered decorating the fifth wall? 

Our bedroom ceiling ideas explore the creative possibilities for this under-appreciated surface area in the home.

All too often the ‘fifth wall’ is left untouched but exploring bedroom ceiling ideas can be a great opportunity to incorporate color or pattern.

14. Be inspired by nature

Bedroom ideas inspired by nature

(Image credit: Future/Chris Everard)

Painting both walls and ceiling in the same color can create a cocooning feel. 

Soft greens were used in this garden-inspired room and adding leafy patterns and florals works well as they’re all based on the same color palette. 

15. Refresh with paint

Bedroom ideas for children with two beds painted bright red

(Image credit: Future/Alecia Neo)

A bold paint job is often all it takes to give antique furniture a new lease of life, which interior designer Elizabeth Hay has done with these two locally found beds in this bedroom for kids

The deep red makes a bold statement, so paler tones were applied to the walls for balance.

16. Add interest with artwork

A series of pictures placed together on a blue wall in a bedroom

(Image credit: David Collins Studio)

This striking blue bedroom is given an extra edge with unique framed pictures: ‘Wall art plays a critical role in establishing the overall atmosphere in a space,’ says Roslyn Keet, associate director of David Collins Studio

‘A series of pictures placed together adds a strong focal point and is a great way to bring interest to plain walls.’

17. Choose the right bedroom flooring

Bedroom with oak parquet-style LVT floor, bed, chair, and green walls

(Image credit: Amtico)

It’s the first thing you step onto in the morning, so picking the perfect bedroom flooring ideas are vital. 

Wooden floors are ideal - great if you want to embrace master bedroom ideas with bath, providing a durable and hardwearing surface, and you can accessorize them with bedroom rugs to ensure comfort, color and layering are catered to. Or for the luxury of carpet to enjoy a bedroom that’s soft and warm underfoot. It comes in a huge range of colors, so there’s a lot of choice, too.

18. Fit a stylish blackout blind to sleep well

A combination of blinds and fulkl length curtains to dress a bay window

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

Even the smallest cracks of light can make it difficult to drift off, or wake you earlier than needed. A sleep mask comes in handy, but nothing beats a good-quality blackout blind or curtains for your bedroom window treatment ideas to make your room as dark as possible.

19. Design with a Scandinavian eye

white bedroom with black accents, wooden floor, black throw, mustard cushions, wall light, artwork, decorative ceiling, panelled walls, desk

(Image credit: Future)

Anyone who has picked up an interiors magazine or gazed in the window of a furniture shop over the past couple of years can’t fail to have noticed that Scandinavian style is having something of a moment. Its crisp colour schemes and harmonious forms seem to attract homeowners like magpies to milk bottle tops.

'Scandinavian design is distinctive for several reasons: pared-back, unfussy, uncluttered spaces and a winning combination of form and function create aesthetically pleasing, yet practical interiors,' explains lifestyle expert at Contura, Catharina Björkman. 

The main purpose of Scandinavian design is to improve daily life. Furniture is therefore not only about stylish elegance, but also about functionality – it should serve a purpose and stand the test of time. Invest in simple, uninterrupted, handleless designs for an authentic Scandinavian appearance.

20. Banish clutter with beautiful storage

Bedroom with built in shelves

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Well-planned bedroom storage ideas are essential for minimizing clutter and creating a calm mood, but if you love to read in bed you’ll know that books eat up space. 

In this bedroom, they’re neatly arranged in a recessed niche – close at hand, but out of direct sight when it’s time to sleep.

21. Keep it simple with bedroom shutters

grey and white bedroom with grey textured wallpaper, dark grey shutters, white bedlinen, grey check blanket, wooden floor, copper pendant

(Image credit: California Shutters )

Looking for romantic bedroom ideas? Shutters feel light and airy, but also offer a neat window solution, as the adjustable slats allow you to control light and privacy levels. 

Perfect for traditional or contemporary homes, opt for a wood finish for a warm look, or go with white for a more modern aesthetic.

22. Work in wood for warmth

Romantic bedroom with floral headboard and bed frame

(Image credit: Future)

Where it’s a sleep finish or classic floorboards left natural or painted, wood can work in contemporary or traditional schemes. Lay a tactile rug for added warmth and coziness underfoot.

23. Choose a mural wallpaper for wow factor

A teenage girl bedroom idea with mural of twilight jungle with pink bedding

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

Adding a wall mural or textured finish to your bedroom wall is easily achieved using wallpaper and is a great choice for hiding imperfections on an existing surface due to the thicker nature of the paper. 

Textured, or slightly raised, prints create an interesting focal point and are perfect if you're looking for luxury bedroom ideas.

As these papers can be a little pricier than flat designs, consider just going for a feature wall and using paint on the remaining areas to keep within budget.

24. Define zones in a master suite

Decorating with antiques

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

Create zones between different areas in a spacious bedroom with flooring. Use soft carpet or a rug around the bed, and wood flooring around a table, desk or living area.

25. Add texture to give your bedroom tactility

Bedroom ideas with striped off-white and black carpet, black wall and yellow throw on the bed

(Image credit: Kersaint Cobb)

Lush bedroom carpet underfoot gives a luxurious feel that’s perfect for a bedroom sanctuary. 

Layer textures – deep-pile carpet, rustic board-effect wallpaper and chunky knits – for a look that’s full of comfort, but keep it smart with contemporary furniture and lighting and sparkling fresh white bed linen.

26. Add comfort with rugs

Colorful Aztec rug

(Image credit: Elicyon/Patrick Williamson)

From a small bedside design to a large-scale floor covering style, a rug will help to soften hard floors and add color and texture.

Lean in to bohemian bedroom ideas with plenty of color and pattern or look at their modern counterparts with geometric and abstract prints.

27. Use symmetry for a neat look

fall decor ideas

(Image credit: Jon Day / Future)

When it comes to bed ideas, decorating with symmetry is a fail-safe design rule.

Frame the bed with a bedside table on each side of it to create a mirror image on each side of the axis. The room should be centred symmetrically around the bed with an equal distribution of objects and furniture around it. 

Pair your items, but they don’t necessarily have to be identical – if they are of the same size and a similar color they’ll have the same visual weight.

28. Introduce a dressing table to a bay window

A bedroom with a dressing table, pink bed and printed floral curtains

(Image credit: Future/Paul Raeside)

Add luxury and create a dedicated space for pampering within your bedroom’s layout. Find the perfect spot for your table, whether it’s in a bay window or cleverly slotted into a small alcove. 

In a larger bedroom, consider dividing the space into an area for dressing and one for sleeping. 

In terms of dressing room ideas for your bedroom, a classic dressing table helps create a boudoir feel, but a simple bureau, console or desk could be perfect for more modern bedroom ideas.

29. Make the view the feature with window dressings

Romantic bedroom with privacy curtains

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

Achieve perfect levels of light and privacy with curtains or blinds for a good night’s sleep. Go for layers like they do in the best hotels to offer maximum flexibility when it comes to light levels. 

Combine heavy curtains or black-out blinds with sheer voiles. Set the style tone for the room with your bedroom curtain ideas – simple white Venetian blinds suit a contemporary, pared-back scheme, or heavy curtains add luxury in more lavish spaces.

30. Employ spare space usefully

A bedroom furniture idea with feature headboard and white storage bench

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Make the area at the end of the bed work harder with a piece of occasional furniture. Increase storage with a chest, trunk or ottoman with hidden storage beneath to create space for spare bedding or blankets. 

Alternatively, factor in seating. A bench, sofa, or chaise longue provides a great spot to perch, and adds a sense of boudoir luxury, as in the grey bedroom above.

31. Let there be light

Light bedroom ideas featuring a white bed next to two large windows with white drapes

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Everything in this serene neutral bedroom from interior designer and homeowner Louise Bradley is designed to enhance natural light and a sense of space. 

Keeping the floor uncluttered all around the bed creates a sense of movement and freedom, while the discreet curtain rails are a curved shape, which gives added depth to the translucent drapes. Up the comfort factor in winter by adding soft rugs and a heavier set of curtain on top of sheers.

32. Decorate with mood-enhancing colors

Yellow bedroom with yellow four poster

(Image credit: Future)

This bedroom features plenty of tranquil green, but adds unexpected yellow bedroom ideas

‘Waking up with such a mood-enhancing shade is a great start to the day,’ says Ruth Mottershed, creative director at Little Greene. ‘Softer tones like primrose work well, too – just painting the skirting gives instant joy.’

33. Layer materials

Bedroom with bed close up of headboard and pillows

(Image credit: Elicyon)

The palette in this room is ultra simple, yet it feels anything but plain – instead, a sense of texture and softness is created by expertly combining grey tones. ‘The trick is to layer materials for subtle contrast,’ says Bernie de Le Cuona, founder of textiles brand de Le Cuona

‘It’s all about mixing natural textures to create depth and a sense of cocooning. Everything should be a joy to touch – even with plain designs, the result will then be a flow of “pattern”.’ 

You could combine silk sheets and pillowcases with more rustic linen throws, for example, or try taffeta curtains in place of the white linen here – its volume gives a romantic look. Lastly, a pale wood floor adds vital warmth to the otherwise cool color scheme.

34. Add an armchair to create a sanctuary of peace

bedroom with monochrome stripe wallpaper, white armchair, black floor lamp and yellow blind

(Image credit: Simon Bevan / Claudia Bryant)

Setting up a corner in your bedroom for sitting will instantly create a relaxing atmosphere – it’s a visual cue that puts you at ease. ‘I find armchairs incredibly pleasing in bedrooms – they create curves and give a feeling or roundness,’ says Deborah Bass, creative director of Base Interior.

35. Keep it rustic with flooring

Country bedroom rug ideas

(Image credit: Jeremy Philips)

Natural floor coverings such as sisal, seagrass and coir bridge the gap between carpet and wood, giving a natural look, but with the texture of carpet. Use with striped wood and earthy, neutral tones for a modern take on a rustic bedroom scheme.

Or pick a more nautical appeal – the fresh blues and whites will make your space feel welcoming and bright.

36. Add pattern with a maximalist bedroom wallpaper

bedroom with pink wallpaper, grey woodwork, upholstered armchair, small chest, lamp, stripe carpet

(Image credit: Dado)

Maximalism seems to be here to stay – and it can be a really successful bedroom idea if it's done with subtlety. 

The best approach is to pick restful colors for your wallpaper color scheme and to pick just two to three accent shades to highlight from within the design. We love bold wallpapers with natural motifs, too, such as this floral pattern.

37. Make it neutral

Gunter & Co bedroom wardrobes and dressing table

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

Neutrals in the bedroom are a wonderful way to promote rest, but it doesn't mean you have to give up on pattern.

Choose a monochromatic, neutral print to embrace both pattern and a sense of calm.

38. Wallpaper the bedroom ceiling

Modern bedroom ideas

(Image credit: Alexander James)

If you love the maximalist trend, try papering up to the ceiling for a wow effect – it can help you create a super-relaxed space.

Going bigger and more dramatic doesn't have to mean giving up on rest which, after all, is what a bedroom is for. 

'The mystical Hula Swirl Gold Noir was inspired by the soothing symmetry of waves so it’s ideal for spaces where we want to relax, like the bedroom,' says Paula Taylor, Graham & Brown Colour and Trends Specialist. 'The glimmers of gold encapsulates movement in the design on black fibrous textured paper and balances both nature and opulence.'

39. Think pink

pink bedroom in 19th century Dorset barn conversion with colorful interior

(Image credit: Jonathan Bond/ Future)

For quite some time now bedrooms, like many rooms of the house, have become fairly minimal and almost masculine. Now, feminine charm is back with a bang.

Go unabashedly girly in your boudoir by choosing pink patterned wallpaper. Opt for a bold pattern to keep the room grown-up, rather than veering into little girl's bedroom ideas territory.

40. Soften geometrics with pastels

Living room with geometric pattern

(Image credit: Jane Churchill )

Playing with scale is a striking way to add depth to a room scheme. Here, two different sized prints from the same collection have been used on the divan and headboard, giving a sense of unity. Pair with soft, washed linen for an inviting touch.

41. Create a traditional look with botanicals

vibrant palm botanical leaf wallpaper in bedroom

(Image credit: Jake Curtis / Melinda Ashton Turner)

Exuberant patterns and rich colours are enthusiastically embraced, bringing a wonderfully cosseting feel to this country house cozy bedroom

Modern art and a simple bed frame prevent the overall effect from feeling overpowering.

How do I make my bedroom stylish?

To make a bedroom look stylish, it's vital that it's uncluttered and has enough storage. Part of this process will include decluttering, but ensuring your bedroom furniture is the right size – not too big nor too small – and that it is fit for purpose is vital. That done, you can begin to focus on what might be your focal point, whether a majestic bed, beautiful bedroom wallpaper ideas or perhaps even an antique rug. Styling a bed will help your bedroom feel stylish almost more than anything else, though other touches to add might be an armchair – whether you use it or not, it will make the space feel more relaxing and inviting – and sumptuous curtains, which can add pattern, block out light, and give your bedroom a hotel appeal.

If you are also wondering 'how can I make my bedroom look expensive?' then you might want to consider small decorative details, such as bedroom rugs, statement lampshades, affordable art or layers of pillows and cushions.

How do you style a bedroom?

It is the most private room in the house, so your decorating approach can be the most personal, but there are still some key considerations when planning a bedroom revamp. Take note of our design rules to help you create a bedroom sanctuary to escape to at the end of a long day.

Before your start, think about how you will use the room. It’s unusual for a bedroom to be only about sleep – there are often other functions to consider, such as dressing, applying makeup or even a work space. Look at your belongings to assess how much storage you require. Which items of furniture are key to your room and must be included? Pare back as much as possible. Do you want a calm and tranquil retreat that’s designed as a quiet and soothing space, or a room that feels invigorating and refreshing first thing in the morning?

What should every bedroom have?

Every bedroom should have practical, functional storage. It is important to keep your bedroom clear so you can relax and unwind at the beginning and end of the day. 

Write a list of everything you need to store in the bedroom so that you can work out how much drawer and hanging space you require. Look at fitted versus freestanding for choices. Fitted will answer the problem of awkward corners and uneven walls, and freestanding pieces act as focal points. Combine both styles for a more relaxed look.

Think tall and use the vertical space your room has to offer. Consider deep shelves high on the wall for things that aren’t used frequently, and make the most of tall cupboards and wardrobes. Make it dual-purpose so that furniture works harder. Use the top of a chest of drawers as a dressing table, or build a window seat with hidden storage underneath.

Choose a statement bed and position it so that it’s the first thing to grab your attention as you enter the room. Opt for a design that will immediately define the style of the rest of the space, whether it’s a glamorous bateau or a glossy platform. Add a headboard or hand a piece of striking art above the bed to draw the eye. To make the headboard a real feature, go for something super-sized, or upholster it in a bold color or print. Use lighting to make sure your bed takes centre stage. Consider an oversized pendant light above the bed, or hang a pair on either side to visually frame it.

Make a statement with curtains and blinds. Use color, pattern and texture to turn them into an integral feature of the bedroom’s overall design. Invest in quality for the best finish and performance. High-quality, heavy curtain material offers greater light, heart and noise insulation, and will last longer.

Invest in anti-allergy bed linen. Choose bedding that is specially designed for allergy sufferers to reduce irritation while you sleep. Of course, remember to change your bedding regularly to get rid of dust mites and allergens, too.

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