Designer Profile: Christine Lin

We speak to the San Francisco-based interior design principal about her work, inspirations and projects

Living room with contemporary style looking to green armchairs and fireplace
(Image credit: Interior Design Christine Lin / Photography R. Brad Knipstein)

With a lifelong penchant for arts and crafts, Form + Field Founder and Principal, Christine Lin, studied architecture and mechanical engineering at MIT where she also gained knowledge in furniture and product design, and art history.

Her rigorous training in corporate and startup tech environments along with her MBA from UC Berkeley gave her expert management and execution skills; while her honed eye for design is a result of extensive study and global travel to seek out new art, design, and architecture.  

Form + Field promotes joy and well-being through the design of empathetic and creatively integrated interiors. Based in San Francisco, the interior design firm’s design philosophy is centered around integration and longevity; intentionally crafting holistic environments that stand the test of time to suit individual needs, whether residential or commercial. Here, we talk to Christine about her career past, present and future.

What is your style aesthetic?

Christine Lin

(Image credit: Form + Field)

'My style is eclectic modernism with an emphasis on contemporary  art and architectural detailing.'

What's your process?

Brown sectional and footstool in a living room with wallhanging

(Image credit: Interior Design Christine Lin / Photography R. Brad Knipstein)

'We try to learn as much as we can about our clients in the early stages of a project – this is achieved through our discovery process where we provide extensive questionnaires that give our team a full picture of what the client is drawn to – their personal interests, memories of their favorite interiors, etc. 

'This serves as a jumping off point to craft a space that is uniquely theirs. I think about the design process like a venn diagram; where one circle is what the client loves and requires for functionality and the other circle embodies what Form + Field loves and our design principles. 

'What we’re trying to find in the design of the project is the little overlap between the two circles. This is where the magic happens – that “overlap” we discover differs from client to client, making each project unique and personalized.'

How do you find inspiration?

Green bedroom with contemporary style

(Image credit: Interior Design Christine Lin / Photography Suzanna Scott)

'I’m most inspired when I seek out conversations with people who are passionate about their craft/art/work (and usually not related to interior design) and transfer that excitement and energy into my own work.'

Which project has most inspired you?

'Our most interesting project to date is our Martis Camp project in Tahoe which will be crossing the finish line in 2024, and is a collaboration with Faulkner Architects

'It’s exciting because it’s our most ambitious work to date with extensive custom design that is integrated with the interior architecture. We love new challenges and for this project we’ve had to explore new vendors and processes for fabrication, and also apply color to the interior design in a way that we’ve never done before.'

Do you have a dream project?

'Our dream project would be a small boutique hotel that wants to create a unique experience for their guests that draws on the surrounding culture and context of the neighborhood and city of where it’s located.

'We love working with so many different types of clients but in general, our ideal client is, first and foremost, kind. They tend to be well-traveled and cultured, value quality and invest in good design, appreciate architecture, and collect art. Our ideal clients have a mindset that is open to exploration, new ideas, and the unexpected.'

What is your design superpower?

'Our superpower is tuning into our clients needs and desires through our Form + Field lens and translating that into an elevated design that is uniquely theirs. We often hear from prospective clients that it’s very apparent in our work that every project has a different personality and that you get a sense of who lives in each home. That’s one of the biggest compliments you can give us!'

Who are your design heroes?

'Architect Rem Koolhaas/OMA. I love his conceptual approach to design and how the output is about the ideas and not about a singular aesthetic vision. His willingness to take risks with provocative and controversial designs is inspiring!'

What is your next big thing?

'We have a large, new-construction generational home located in Kauai that’s just beginning. It’s an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Zak Architecture to create a holistic vision from scratch – a dream vacation home for our clients. This will be our third project with these clients so there’s an inherent trust in the relationship that we’ve developed.'

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